55 ways to increase your testosterone level (part 1)

General rules for increasing testosterone levels

a molecule of testosterone

a molecule of testosterone

1. The first method is entirely psychological in nature. The point in playing the condition, which usually supports normal levels of the hormone testosterone. It is about the need to win. This option is the fastest way to increase production of a hormone in the body. It’s enough to be a real problem and succeed in solving them. Very soon you will see that the amount of the male hormone testosterone has increased.

2. Think like a man. To feel like a man, you have to think like a man! What is your purpose for which we were born? Be confident in yourself and in relationships with the opposite sex!

3. Hold yourself in a sexual tone. Watch movies with erotic content, buy men’s magazines. Regularly visit the dance floors, meet with the girls. The more friends you have, the better. Do not chase a number of sexual encounters. Even simple everyday communication with the girls raises the level of secretion of testosterone.

4. Think about sex. It may seem a bit strange, but when you think about sex, you stimulate your testosterone.

5. Feel your biorhythms. Put a sexy, athletic and work records when eggs is thrown in the blood of large doses of testosterone: from 6-8 and 10-14 h. From 15 to 24 hours sll down not strain-at this time the hormone “factory” operates at low speed. Maximum the hormone is produced at 7 am, and the lowest level at 8 pm.

6. Morning sex. In addition to the burning of a few extra calories every morning, you will get a surge of testosterone. Then we, men, there is one extra reason to kick your girlfriend in the morning.

7. Laughter and relaxation. Cortisol is the main enemy of testosterone. Cortisol blocks the production of testosterone and increases the level of estrogen. Laugh, get away from the stress, and you should not doubt, your testosterone levels to rise soon.

8. Good sleep. The dream of a duration of not less than 7-8 hours can disrupt your circadian rhythm. So don’t be surprised if after many hours of work, visiting dirty sites, and the Club up in the morning, your sexy motor starts to break down. Try to sleep well at night for 7-8 hours. Lay not later than 11 pm.

9. Burn your excess fat. Fat promotes the secretion of estrogen. Precisely because men with a “beer belly” for women features (wide hips, narrow shoulders, enlarged breasts). If your weight is 30% more ideal weight, normal testosterone production can be forgotten.

10. Don’t be afraid to sunbathe. The Sun is very important to increase the level of testosterone. And it’s not just vitamin D, the Sun plays an important role in the functioning of the human body. This does not mean that you should look like “muklomen”. Simply keep in mind that even the Sun sometimes must break through your t-shirt! According to the study conducted by scientists from Medical University of Gracu, Austria, published in the journal of Clinical Endocrinology “thanks to vitamin D fire increases testosterone in men. Since vitamin D is produced by the action of the Sun’s rays, the scientists recommend to light haired people, a minimum of 15 minutes to get the Sun on his face and hands. At the same time, people with dark skin need three times more time. The researchers determined the relationship of vitamin D and testosterone on 2299 problem for several months. They also noted that in men who have had at least 30 NG of vitamin D in every normal blood, was the high level of circulating testosterone.

11. Excess estrogen and xenoestrogens. To get rid of excess estrogen, which reduce testosterone production in your body, you can take more of raw cruciferous vegetables, such as Chinese, brussel sprouts, broccoli, Bok Choy, radishes, turnips. These vegetables contain a substance called diindolìlmetan, which helps the body get rid of excess male hormone. You can also eat more fiber to natural way to purify your body and get rid of the toxins that cause excess estrogen. Most fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes contain plenty of fiber. Xenoestrogens is an artificial estrogen that are contained in the evaluated, artificial gormonah growth and steroids,  air fresheners and plastic containers. Xenoestrogenis increase the level of female hormones, reducing testosterone levels. So try to avoid the consumption of fruits and vegetables, containing pesticides, animal products (meat and dairy), grown with the use of artificial growth hormones and steroids. For food storage use utensils from a glass, not plastic, as plastic products usually contain xenoestrogens. Do not use perfume and air fresheners, which as one of the raw ingredients is paraben, it is xenoestrogen.

12. Say goodbye to alcohol. To maintain healthy testosterone levels, and a good erection, you need to get rid of the alcohol. Alcohol affects the endocrine system, causing your eggs to stop producing testosterone. Also the use of alcohol causes production of a stress hormone–cortisol. Which breaks down muscle fibers. About the dangers of alcohol for the body of the applet knows all. In addition to the negative impact on the internal organs, it also contains estrogen, which further inhibits its own testosterone. In addition, alcohol flushes the body of zinc. To a greater extent all this refers to the favorite drink of many male beer. If you have to choose between beer, vodka and cognac-prefer strong drinks.

13. Smoking. Scientifically proven that nicotine and kotitinin in cigarettes also inhibit and reduce testosterone production.

14. Overheating eggs. Your eggs should have a temperature a few degrees below body temperature, better function and increase testosterone production. If you wear tight underwear, skinny jeans, long take a hot bath, keep your laptop on your lap and do other things that lead to the overheating of the eggs, you will prevent the production of testosterone.

 Continued …

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