Low-carb diets

Low-carb diet

Diets with a sharp restriction of carbohydrates based on reducing the consumption of foods with a high glycemic index. There are various modifications of these diets, but the basic essence boils down to the drastic restriction of carbohydrates-up to 30% of calories (100 g); to raise the proportion of protein-20-30%; and the main energy revenues provided by fat-about 50-60% of the daily calorie ration. Continue reading

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Osteoporosis: spare or train back?

Osteoporosis: spare or train back? Strangely enchanted, but also first and second option do not solve the problem. “Why?”, Asks any officer in the EXERCISE or fitness trainer with experience: a large number of publications on this issue with the claim that “a good muscular” or “trained back” is the Foundation of a healthy spine. Certainly have trained the muscles surrounding the spine, is better than a weak, however there are a number of questions that allow you to look at this from another angle.

Firstly, why do periodically spin hurts those who play sports of the higher achievements? About these people you will not say that they have “weak” muscles.

Secondly, what the pain is just another problem in a number of other diseases, such as heart disease, vascular hypertension, thrombophlebitis? After all, any increase in the intensity of the load, which is accompanied by a power training, may cause deterioration and worsening of the disease?

And thirdly, how to correctly associate pain with the largest load provided by exercise on the body? Continue reading

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Diet for muscle mass gain

Most modern diets used in bodybuilding is not quite correct. This is due to a desire of each participant in creating their own diets to invent something new, but in 99% of cases, these innovations are absolutely absurd, and sometimes even harmful. Sophisticated methods of cycling, the advantage of any specific food, the difficulty in preparing food, senseless combination of all attempts to bring to bodybuilding dietetics something new that attracts attention. If you are advised to eat horseradish with garlic, or use only a narrow range of products, such as vegetables, which have a violet coloring and etc., you can safely close this book or article.

Continue reading

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Fat burning and muscle gaining simultaneously

Fat burning and a gain of muscle mass at the same time-the most common dream of bodybuilder beginners and the most frequent questions of the readers. For most people this dream will never be realized without the use of anabolic steroids or other pharmacological agents. The 10% of people that can do it at the same time, are genetically determined physiological advantages (a mutation of the gene miostatine, excessive secretion of growth hormone and testosterone), and they are not even looking for similar articles because they are not interested in the theoretical basis of the training in virtue of the fact that they are able to achieve good results and without the use of complex programs of training, sports nutrition, and strict diet.

No wonder why most beginners like to fail in achieving simultaneous burning fat and muscle recruitment. You need to change strategy and act consistently:

  1. Reduce the percentage of fat in the body to normal (about 15%);
  2. Gain muscle mass using high-calorific diet with plenty of protein and carbohydrates;
  3. Work on the relief of trying to save a maximum of muscles.
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NUTRITION FOR muscle growth

So, the first rule of drawing up nutrition programs – to include in every meal full form of the protein. Stick full two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, total protein should be 2.5-3 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. Make protein the main component of each dish. Your muscles are hungry for it, if you’re working hard in the gym. Carbohydrates are needed when working on the weight and strength. They – the main source of energy in our body and are very important for weight gain. You can eat protein before he climbs out of the ears (although an excess is removed in another way), but you do not have the energy or glycogen to replenish its reserves, if the menu is low in carbohydrates. Furthermore, carbohydrates when the body is raised levels of insulin. Insulin is an anabolic hormone because it transports carbohydrates into muscle cells for storage in the form of glycogen, and also carries the amino acids from dietary protein in muscle cells, contributing to the new growth. It is often said that carbohydrates retain protein, since enough of them, the body uses as an energy source it is them, preserving the proteins to their basic function – recovery and growth of muscle fibers. When a diet low in carbohydrates as a source of energy used amino acids, and it is a disaster for a bodybuilder trying to get bigger. Continue reading

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Nutrition in bodybuilding-10 simple rules

Principles of nutrition in bodybuilding

1. Bodybuilding is like the 3 pillars-nutrition, exercise and discipline. All components are very important and without them, progress is not possible.

2. If you do not eat correctly-the result will not be-you'll have dramatically on a plateau and all.

3. The first thing you need to do is determine the calorie content of the diet, and increasing or decreasing calories, respectively, lose weight or gain weight. A set of muscles calorie deficiency is unlikely, and is possible only in the first month of training (two). Continue reading

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55 ways to increase testosterone levels (part 3)

31. Fast food. If a man wants to be a man, he should not eat fast food in the system. Fast food contains mostly the products listed in the previous paragraphs of this article and other harmful ingredients. There is such a wonderful movie, which is called a “double portion”. Look and willingness to visit the fast food you will disappear.

32. Vegetable sunflower oil and mayonnaise.

Vegetable oil can also be used, but it should be remembered that it slightly lowers the level of testosterone. It all depends on the combination of polyunsaturated acids contained in the oil. Men should not eat a lot of mayonnaise, as it consists of sunflower oil. Continue reading

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55 ways to increase your testosterone level (part 2)

Nutrition, vitamins and minerals

15. Eat more often in small amounts. Under the “more” mean 5-6 times a day. Objective: to speed up the metabolism. Did you know that the better the metabolism, the better the process of burning fat and improving testosterone production. It is important that your body naturally increased testosterone production by providing a slow and steady stream of food. The achievement of this goal serves drobne food. At that breakfast has to be the most nutritious. Continue reading

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55 ways to increase your testosterone level (part 1)

General rules for increasing testosterone levels

a molecule of testosterone

a molecule of testosterone

1. The first method is entirely psychological in nature. The point in playing the condition, which usually supports normal levels of the hormone testosterone. It is about the need to win. This option is the fastest way to increase production of a hormone in the body. It’s enough to be a real problem and succeed in solving them. Very soon you will see that the amount of the male hormone testosterone has increased. Continue reading

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The results of the 1st steroid cycle turinabol solo

So my friend for 10 days as the first cycle of steroid turinabol solo. Conclusions: potency in the order of loss of muscle in almost no volume, but some water merged somewhere liters 2 ~ 3. Just happened to score the 2 cm biceps. Power almost have not changed, but the technique exercises was unable to better. Now training the mode PKT (after course of therapy). That is a brief supporting non-intensive workout duration of 45 min. 3 times a week, not to go in catabolism. It was decided not to take any drugs to PKT as the course was short and was not side effects. From the traction in the right hand saved the rosehip syrup ‘ holosas ‘. The following conclusion will write a week after 3 ~ 4.

Oral-turinabol was used (turanabol) firm Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova). The daily dose was 60 mg.

Percentage of body fat was down somewhere at 5%, the phenomena of the androgenic nature of acne, body hair, roughen effect voice, hair loss is not selected. But it’s all strictly individually. Because the percentage of body fat has dropped quite significantly to reveal how much meat in kilograms is hard to define. I think somewhere kilograms 4 ~ 5, no less.

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