Nutrition in bodybuilding-10 simple rules

Principles of nutrition in bodybuilding

1. Bodybuilding is like the 3 pillars-nutrition, exercise and discipline. All components are very important and without them, progress is not possible.

2. If you do not eat correctly-the result will not be-you'll have dramatically on a plateau and all.

3. The first thing you need to do is determine the calorie content of the diet, and increasing or decreasing calories, respectively, lose weight or gain weight. A set of muscles calorie deficiency is unlikely, and is possible only in the first month of training (two).

4. To gain muscle you need to the calorie content in which your weight is not changed for two weeks, add 10% of calories.

5. One-third of the diet a bodybuilder should be protein. The general principle is widely known-you need to consume at least 2 grams of protein per 1 kilogram dry mass (your weight on an empty stomach minus the weight of the FAT).

6. You need to eat at 5-6 (or more), not less than once every 3 hours.

7. Each meal should contain high quality animal proteins in one vìvsâncì or the pasta will not go far (unless the belly narostit′sâ).

8. To improve the absorption of protein each meal should contain carbohydrates. You don't need to eat Skinless nothing-good to be 0, the protein will burn as fuel. Be sure to mix with carbohydrates-bread, pasta, rice, buckwheat.

9. Discipline: a diet break, each hungry period, it's two steps back.

10. Plan meals in advance-in a week or two, it will help you more professionally and correctly to purchase products to eliminate the wrong techniques.

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