The results of the 1st steroid cycle turinabol solo

So my friend for 10 days as the first cycle of steroid turinabol solo. Conclusions: potency in the order of loss of muscle in almost no volume, but some water merged somewhere liters 2 ~ 3. Just happened to score the 2 cm biceps. Power almost have not changed, but the technique exercises was unable to better. Now training the mode PKT (after course of therapy). That is a brief supporting non-intensive workout duration of 45 min. 3 times a week, not to go in catabolism. It was decided not to take any drugs to PKT as the course was short and was not side effects. From the traction in the right hand saved the rosehip syrup ‘ holosas ‘. The following conclusion will write a week after 3 ~ 4.

Oral-turinabol was used (turanabol) firm Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova). The daily dose was 60 mg.

Percentage of body fat was down somewhere at 5%, the phenomena of the androgenic nature of acne, body hair, roughen effect voice, hair loss is not selected. But it’s all strictly individually. Because the percentage of body fat has dropped quite significantly to reveal how much meat in kilograms is hard to define. I think somewhere kilograms 4 ~ 5, no less.

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