How to naturally raise testosterone levels in men?

As you know the quality of the life of man in many respects depends on its hormonal system. One of the most important hormones is testosterone. Many men lack in urban lifestyle is suffering from decreased testosterone levels. The consequences of this is the lowered potency, small muscle mass, and other undesirable things such as reduce hair cover on the face, liquid beard, depression, stress, etc.

How simply and quickly to solve this problem? How to restore your testosterone levels naturally? 

The key to reducing the level of testosterone in the blood is its aromatization using telomerase aromataza R450 converts testosterone to estradiol-female sex hormone, and this in turn also increases levels of the hormone prolactin, which in General is very negatively affect potency and other testosterono dependent things.

Aromataza found in adipose tissue and the more fat in the body, the greater the aromatization of testosterone, which leads to a significant decrease in the concentration of it in the blood.

Not to be unfounded as most “British scientists”, I decided to experiment on yourself. Since I had some fat after winter I decided to lose weight and made measurements of testosterone levels before and after weight loss. Process of weight loss was slow and took about one and a half months, during that time I lost weight 5 kg. As a result of testosterone level increased from 9.96 nmol′/l to 11.16 nmol′/l, which is 12% growth.


So do the conclusions of gentlemen, only 5 kg of excess body fat will decrease your testosterone level by 12%. The experiment will be extended further at the next stage of “drying”, I think somewhere in 3 months for the comparison of the results.

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