A measurement of percent body fat

A lot of times re-reading the articles related to bodybuilding and fitness we see the concept of percentage of body fat. What it is and from what it eats?

What is the percentage of fat in the body?

Percentage body fat body fat mass ratio shows the percentage of body weight. DSC_0348sWhile using the simple methods you can specify only the percentage of subcutaneous fat.

How to determine the percentage of body fat?

For measuring percent body fat uses a variety of methods. We look at the method of measuring the thickness of subcutaneous fat. To do this, use a ruler or a more accurate instrument-nippers for measurement of thickness of subcutaneous fat (and in fact the thickness skin fold). For measurements in certain parts of the body do the stretching of the skin and make the skin fold. Using the ruler or special pliers make a measurement. Using special tables or calculators determine the percentage of body fat.

Tongs for measurement of thickness of subcutaneous fat

Special plastic tongs for measurement of thickness of subcutaneous fat are scale and compression strength indicator to ensure that the results were as stalìšimi and not spotvorûvalisâ depending on the force of compression folds. Are these tongs relatively inexpensive in China in our stores of course price in 2-3 times more expensive.

Who requires a measurement of the thickness of subcutaneous fat, and percent body fat?

For the most part it is necessary to adjust the diet at different targets in sports, fitness, losing weight, a set of muscle mass etc. Analysis of percent body fat allows you to see real results, rather than the loss of water, glycogen, it does not depend on whether you left the toilet etc. Making measurements every week you can adjust your load and diet to achieve the desired results.

How to measure and how to count the percentage of body fat will be described in the following publications, just wait.

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